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My Bookshelf (購入書籍)

1. Fairest  by Gail Carson Levine

2. The Seer and the Sword  by Victoria Hanley

3. Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast by Robin McKinley

4.Before Midnight: A Retelling of "Cinderella" (Once Upon a Time) by Cameron Dokey

5. Violet Eyes: A Retelling of the "Princess and the Pea" (Once Upon a Time) by Debbie Viguié

6.Thunder and Roses (Fallen Angels, #1) by  Mary Jo Putney 魔鬼與玫瑰

7. Born in Sin by Kinley MacGregor 罪惡的熱情

8. Once Upon a Dream by Katherine Kingsley (好看) 月光姑娘

9. An Offer From a Gentleman by Julia Quinn 紳士與灰姑娘

10. Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier 森林的女兒

11. A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught (好看) 綺夢王國

12. The Proud Princess By Barbara Cartland 驕傲的公主

13. The Prince and the Pekingese  By Barbara Cartland

14. The Passion and the Flower By Barbara Cartland

15. Crowned With Love  By Barbara Cartland

16. The Power and the Prince  By Barbara Cartland

17. Help From the Heart   By Barbara Cartland

18. Again The Magic By Lisa Kleypas (好看) 永遠的魔法

19. The Desert Lord's Baby By Olivia Gates

20. When Angels Fall  By Meagan McKinney (好看) 激情交叉點

21. The Bride By Julie Garwood 新娘

22. The Duke and I By Julia Quinn 公爵與我

23. Conquered by Love By Barbara Cartland (好看) 意亂情迷

24. Seduce Me at Sunrise By Lisa Kleypas 日出時的誘惑

25. Gifts of Love By Lisa Kleypas and  Kay Hooper

26. Dreaming of You By Lisa Kleypas (好看) 浪子情癡

27. Claiming the Highlander By  Kinley MacGregor (好看) 高地情緣

28. Fires of Destiny By Barlow Linda (好看) 命運之火

29. Crown of Dreams By Kimberly Cates (好看) 夢幻王冠

30. Southern Rapture By Jennifer Blake (好看) 南方情狂

31. Royal Seduction By Jennifer Blake王子情

32. Impulse By Candace Camp(好看)

33. A Kiss at Midnight By Eloisa James

34. Paradise By Judith McNaught  (好看) 天堂

35. The Viscount Who Loved Me By Julia Quinn 子爵之戀

37. Sun God By Nan Ryan (好看)

38. Fair Is the Rose By Meagan McKinney (好看) 美麗的玫瑰

39. The Devil's Pawn By Yvonne Whittal (好看) 魔鬼的面具

40. Irish Dreams By Nora Roberts

41. Heart of Fire By Kat Martin

42. The Leopard Prince By Elizabeth Hoyt  (好看) 黑豹王子

43. You Belong To My Heart By Nan Ryan (好看)

44. The Veranchetti Marriage By Lynne Graham (好看) 灰姑娘

45.  Propositioned by the Billionaire By Lucy King

46. The Prince's Royal Concubine By Ly Raye Harris

47. The Wealthy Greek's Contract Wife By Penny Jordan

48. Desires of a Perfect Lady By Victoria Alexander

49.The Highlander's Forbidden Bride By Donna Fletcher

50. To Romance a Charming Rogue By Nicole Jordan

51. Sins of a Wicked Duke By Sophie Jordan

52. Slightly Wicked By Mary Balogh (好看) 患難真情

53. Cozakis Bride By Lynne Graham  (好看) 夏日背叛(漫畫版)

54. One Sinful Night By Kaitlin O'Riley

55. Surrender to Sin By Tamara Lejeu

56. Once in a Blue Moon By Penelope Williamson  (好看)藍色激情夜

57. The Virgin's Secret By Victoria Alexander

58. The Outlaws: Rafe By Connie Mason

59.Love Me With Fury  By Connie Mason

60.Bold Land, Bold Love By Connie Mason 荒地幽情

61.Pirate By Connie Mason  (好看)海盜獵人

62. The Black Knight By Connie Mason (好看)  
63. Pirate's Bride By Lynette Vinet (好看)情海謎航

64. Princess By Gaelen Foley 

65. Crimson Rapture By Jennifer Horsman 

66. The Pirate Prince By Gaelen Foley 

67. Dara's Desire By Kay McMahon

68. Unlawful Contact The I-Team Series, Book 3 By Pamela Clare 

69. Rainbow Season By Lisa Gregory (好看)(彩虹季節) 

70. Bond Of Hatred By Lynne Graham

71.The Pirate Lord By Sabrina Jeffries 海盜爵爺

72.Pirate's Pleasure By Constance Bennett (海盜的女人)

73. Devil's Mistress By Heather Graham (魔鬼的情人) 

74.Wild Star By Catherine Coulter (流浪之星)

75.If You Desire By Kresley Cole 

76. Impulse 2010 By Candace Camp 
77. Defiant Spitfire By Kay McMahon (好看)黑衣騎士

78. Gentle Rogue By Johanna Lindsey 魔王的新女伴

79 .A Late Loving By Robyn Donald 九年前

80. To Beguile a Beast By Elizabeth Hoyt

81. Prescott'S Lady By Clarice Peters 第三次求婚

82 .Man Of Stone By Frances Roding  愛與利之間

83. California Dreaming By Sara Francis  (不錯)

84.Love by Proxy By Diana Palmer (好看)大白鯊先生

85. Hard to Get By Carole Mortimer 磨人的戀史

86.  Evensong By Candace Camp (好看)爵士的舞女情人

87.The Listening Sky By Dorothy Garlock (好看) 預約小鎮新娘

88. Mackenzie’s Heroes By Linda Howard (好看) 甜蜜任務

89. Surrender to a Stranger By Karyn Monk (好看) 劫愛黑王子

90. A Perilous Affair By Linda Randall Wisdom (好看) 危險戀情 

91.Dreams Of Evening By Kristin James  (好看) 夢裡的晚霞

92. Strangers in the Night By Linda Howard (好看)夢幻湖

93. Jesse's Girl By Billie Green (好看)傑西的女孩

94. To Die for By Linda Howard 致命危情

95. Into His Keeping By Gail Faulkner

96. Lord of the Night By Connie Mason

97. Tempt the Devil By Connie Mason 

98. Extreme Danger By Shannon McKenna 

99. Perfect Chemistry By Simone Elkeles (好看)

100. The Prince Kidnaps a Bride (Lost Princesses, Book 3) By Christina Dodd

101. Between the Devil and Desire By Lorraine Heath

102. Rogue's Mistress by Jo Goodman

103. Jessie's Outlaw by Cheryl Anne Porter

104. Moonlight Masquerade by Katrina Hamilton 

105. Copping To It (The Red-Hot Cops Series) [Kindle Edition]  By Ava Meyers

106. Cop Appeal (The Red-Hot Cops Series) [Kindle Edition] By Ava Meyers

107. The Goose Girl By Shannon Hale

108. Midnight Waltz By Jennifer Blake  (好看) 午夜華爾滋

109. Past Passion By Penny Jordan 苦澀的教訓- 漫畫

110. Love and War By Patricia Hagan (好看) 亂世鴛鴦劫 

111. A Highlander's Temptation By Sue-Ellen Welfonder

112. Harvest is Love By Tracy Sinclair (好看) 收穫季節

113.Satin Surrender By Carol Finch 溫柔的投降 (翻譯版很爛)

114. Lost Lady By Jude Deveraux (好看)迷失的淑媛

115. The Black Lyon By Jude Deveraux (好看)狂愛是唯一理由

116. Deep In the Heart By Sharon Sala (不錯) 我心深處

117. Love is a Long Shot By Joanna Marks (好看) 夢裡呼喚

118.What You Made Me By Penny Jordan (翻譯版很爛) 糾結的愛

119. Response By Penny Jordan 虛假樂園(漫畫版) .復仇遊戲

120. Return Engagement By Carole Mortimer 夢幻婚禮(漫畫版) 伴婚情路 (好看)

121 An Expert Teacher By Penny Jordan (好看)海水正藍

122. Tempt Me Tonight By Toni Blake

123. Tempt Me at Twilight By Lisa Kleypas  暮光裡的冒險

124. Pure Temptation (Blaze) (Harlequin Temptation, 744 By Vicki Lewis Thompson

125. Lessons in Trust [Kindle Edition] BY Kate Davies

126. The Sheik By By E.M. Hull

127. The Sons of the Sheik By E.M. Hull

128. A Kiss for the King By Barbara Cartland

129.The Cruel Count By Barbara Cartland

130.  Rules of Attraction By Simone Elkeles

131. The Princess in His Bed By Lila DiPasqua

132. Passion's Prisoner By Casey Stuart 致命的賭注

133. Love's Wrongs (Harlequin Presents, No 1164 By Angela Wells (好看) 善變的心 

134. Wanting By Penny Jordan (好看)無言的渴望 

135. Tender Torment By Harper McBride (好看) 溫柔的折磨

136. Prisoner of My Desire By Johanna Lindsey (好看)俘虜愛人

137.A Reason for Marriage By Penny Jordan 

138. Virgin for the Billionaire's Taking By Penny Jordan 

139. Trouble: Midnight Rainbow / Diamond BayMidnight Rainbow By Linda Howard  (好看) 午夜的彩虹

140. Terms of Surrender By Janet Dailey (好看) 我最愛的人 

141. This Calder Sky By Janet Dailey 織夢的天空 

142. Ride the Thunder By Janet Dailey 

143. Gallagher's Lady (Silhouette Romance, No 454) By Brittany Young

144. Unforgettable (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No. 253) By Maura Seger

145. Blackhawk'S Sweet Revenge (Secrets) (Silhouette Desire) By Barbara McCauley

146. Blind To Love (Harlequin by Request): If Love Be Blind/ When I See Your Face/ Blind to Love By Emma Goldrick, Rebecca Winters, Connie Bennett

147. When I See Your Face (Harlequin Superromance No. 364) By Connie Bennett
(好看) 最初的相見

148. Lord Of The Desert (Mira) By Diana Palmer(好看) 阿拉伯之戀

149. Ice By Linda Howard

150. Hidden Charms (Candlelight Ecstasy Supreme) By Lee Magner (好看) 往事能追

151. Forbidden Hearts By Mary Burkhardt 雲雀的心 

152. Swept Away By Toni Blake

153. A Passion for Him By Sylvia Day

154. Spell of the Highlander By Karen Marie Moning  

155. To Tame a Sheikh By Olivia Gates

156. Midnight Rainbow By Linda Howard (好看) 午夜的彩虹

157. Heartbreaker By Linda Howard (好看)萬人迷

158. A Place to Call Home By Deborah Smith (好看) 我心已屬

159. The Sweet Gum Tree By Katherine Allred

160. Bad Billy Culver By Judy Gill 浪子比利

161. A Family Affair By Charlotte Lamb 

162. A Wallflower Christmas By Lisa Kleypas 

163. Midnight Waltz By Jennifer Blake 2011再版 

164. For Love of Charley By Katherine Allred

165. Rapunzel and the Golden Rule/Jasmine and the Two Tigers

166. A Midnight Dance By Lila DiPasqua 

167. Chain Reaction (Hardback) By Simone Elkeles 

168. Jess's Promise By Lynne Graham

169. Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold [Kindle Edition] By Ellen O'Connell

170. Affair Most Wicked By Julianne Maclean

171. Glory In The Flower By Jacqueline Marten (好看) 給你一面魔鏡

172. Waking Rose By Regina Doman 

173.Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold 

174. The Ordinary Princess By M. M. Kaye  

175. The First Victim By JB Lynn [Kindle Edition] 

176. Satisfaction Guaranteed By Tori Scott [Kindle Edition] 

177. The Healer's Keep By Victoria Hanley 

178. Night Fire By Catherine Coulter
(好看) 芳心誰醉.夜火

179. Belong to Me By Shayla Black 

180. In Annie's Eyes By Billie Green

181. Lessons in French By Laura Kinsale

182. Beautiful Disaster By Jamie McGuire [Kindle Edition] 

183. The Sweetest Thing (A Lucky Harbor Novel) By Jill Shalvis

184. If You Deceive By Kresley Cole 

185. The Lady of Bolton Hill By Elizabeth Camden

186. Seduced by Grace By Jennifer Blake

187. The Masquerade By Brenda Joyce

188. My Rutheless Princ  By Gaelen Foley

1. Rules of Attraction By Simone Elkeles

2. Dreaming of You By Lisa Kleypas

3. Again The Magic [Audiobook, CD, Unabridged] [Audio CD]


1. 心火 (琳達‧霍華 Linda Howard) Heart of Fire

2. 苦澀的報復 (朵琳‧馬立克 Doreen Owens Malek)

3. 神祕熱線 (安娜‧哈德遜 Anna Hudson) Someday

4. 舊愛新歡 (潘蜜拉‧瑪克蘇 Pamela Macaluso) Yesterday's Fantasy

5. 真正瘋狂愛上你 (瑞秋‧吉普森 Rachel Gibson) Truly Madly Yours

6. 美好的明天 (黛安‧柏瑪 Diana Palmer) The Best Is Yet to Come

7. 但願人長久(海倫‧凱德斯)

8. 記憶由愛開始.(露西‧戈登 Lucy Gordon) For Love Alone

9. 永遠的初戀 (蘇珊 凱莉 Susan Kyle)

10. 黑暗的水(雪倫 莎拉 Sharon Sala) Dark Water

11. 沙漠之歌(芭芭拉 費斯 Barbara Faith) Desert Song

12. 淘氣俏佳人 (茱蒂.德佛奧 Jude Deveraux) The Heiress

13. 一個男人,誘惑女神(茱德.狄弗洛 Jude Deveraux) The Temptress

14. 給我一道彩虹 (潔西卡.道格拉斯 Jessica Douglass) Wish Me A Rainbow

15. 碧濤深處有情人 (莎賓娜.凱爾絲 Sabine Kells) Shadows On A Sunset Sea

16. 相思無盡期 (凱薩琳‧肯恩 Kathleen Kane) Still Close To Heaven

17. 追憶 (茱蒂‧德佛奧 Jude Deveraux) Remembrance

18. 患難見真情 (露西.喬登 Lucy Gordon) Golden Boy

19. 你是我的唯一 (麗莎.葛瑞哥利 Lisa Gregory) Solitaire